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At the age of 30 I decided to leave my current job and become a full-fledged miniature painter. Seven years later and with thousands of figures behind me, here I am still, with the same desire and enthusiasm as when I painted those monopose lizard men in the late 90s.

Residing in Girona where I live with my wife and where I operate from my small studio on the outskirts of the city.

Throughout these years, a multitude of orders from around the world bear witness to my professionalism, seriousness and quality in the service I offer. Where else but to paint an army, I will give you a unique product with a quality brand that you will not find in another studio where several people are in charge of different parts of the painting. Here from start to finish, your miniatures will only pass through my hands.

If you want to get a unique and special army, contact me and let's talk about how to give life to that army that waits to be led by you painted so as not to leave anyone indifferent.


Monte San Savino 2023.jpg

Silver in Master Category in Scale Model Challenge

The Netherlands  2019

Bronze in Master Category in Leganés

Spain 2019


SN Award in the 8th No Retreat tournament

Gibraltar 2019

Bronze in Master Category in Leganés

Spain 2020

Silver in Master in Freak Wars 

Spain 2022

Silver in Armies of Parade Games Workshop 

International 2022

Commended entry Golden Demon

Manchester 2023

Silver in Master Category in MSS


WME 2022.jpg



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Thank you! I will contact you shortly.

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