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Hi there! I’m Toni and Im the guy behind the mantis of Chk Studio. I’ve  been playing wargames and painting miniatures since I was 11 years old, more than 20 years ago (damn…).

After work in different fields like TV(cameraman), Photograph, waiter, sales man, etc… I decided to found my own painting studio (I was taking commissions for many years before). This is my dream and I work doing what I really love, it demands a lot of my time to run my own business offering a quality product in a good price on a fast time. So thank you to all my customers in these last 3 years I’ve been working full time as a painter to help me pay my bills!

I’m based in Blanes (Beatifull coast town in Catalunya, Spain). I’m also a big fan of cinemas and good TV shows, live music and starting in the tattoing world 



Silver in Master Category in Scale Model Challenge

The Netherlands  2019

Bronze in Master Category in Leganés

Spain 2020

Bronze in Master Category in Leganés

Spain 2019

SN Award in the 8th No Retreat tournament

Gibraltar 2019




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  • Youtube

Thank you! I will contact you shortly.

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